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Svyatoslav Biryulin is an experienced CEO and business consultant. He started his career as a sales rep and within 10 years he was promoted several times, up to CEO position. As a CEO he ruled several companies from different industries with turnover of up to $1 bln and with staff up to 3500 employees.

Since 2012 Mr. Biryulin has worked as a strategic consultant and as CEO of his own company, KVAN consulting. During this time he has helped a lot of companies from different countries develop new successful strategies.

This short book came about as a result of Mr. Biryulin’s thinking and critical comprehension of some popular modern ideas about business, of some “new approaches” which pretend to be new “big things” but sometimes don’t work as efficiently as we expect.

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This is not a manual. This book is just a way for the author to share his ideas with other managers and businessmen. And the author would be glad if some discussion about the book will begin. If you have any questions or just want to share you ideas about business please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail

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